How Much Should a Consultant Charge

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Questions and Answers

I live in North Carolina. I am just starting out as an independent training consultant. How much shall I charg?

Posted by corkie

Initially, nothing. Eventually – as much as the market will bear.

When you start you may want to do a job or two pro bono to build up a reputation. It may be an idea to do that work for a charity so you don't come across as too cheap.

Once established you balance your charges against the level of demand for your services – keep raising your prices till the demand matches the time you wish to devote to the job.

There is no comparison sheet you can just pick a figure from.

How much does a Technology Consultant charge?

I have my MIS degree and am thinking of becoming an independent Technology Consultant consultant installing, software, pcs, thin clients, and midrange servers. I also want to train users on Microsoft Office products. I also plan to do maintenance, upgrades, and consultation. The problem is that I don't know what I should be charging for these services.

Posted by Don J

There are too many factors involved to make this determination. Things such as your local economy can affect who can afford what. Your target audience can also affect. Corporations can afford more than an individual, etc. There is just so much to take into consideration.

Your best bet is to make a business plan. Total up what it would cost you in terms of your time and expenses and then take it from there.

Our IT consulting business charges $175 /hour, but thats because our target can afford it and we are well worth it ;)

How much should a building consultant charge?

With 30+ years experience of the building trade and an unblemished track record as a project manager. I'm looking to go into consultancy preferably charging a rate per project possibly by day. High flexibility with what a client would require and willing to travel if expenses were paid. Could anyone give me some estimate or advice as I'm concerned I'll charge too little or too much!
Thank you
Hi problem is consultants are notoriously guarded about their fees, especially those who charge high rates. I do believe I have valuable expertise, I'm just tired of working for other people.

Posted by Rosie

With 30+ years of experience you should have some contacts that can give you some ideas. If not then you have to decide what your time and expertise is worth. Look what other professionals like lawyers, doctors, mechanics, or plumbers make. I think that you could easily charge $150 per hour on up. Put in some bids at a high rate. See if they bite. If they do then you might be charging to little. You can also call the people taking the bids to see what they expect. Good Luck.

Why do clients hire you?

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Hourly Rate for Human Resources Consultant

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Questions and Answers

What is the law about Salary Vs. Hourly Pay in Colorado?

I'm wondering what the law says about this situation: about 3 months ago I was changed from an hourly wage to a salaried wage. However, when a salaried employee in my office takes a day off (or more) the executives convert their salary to an hourly wage and deduct it. I understand that some of the salaried workers don't work 40 hours a week, but some (like myself) work well over 40. We have been told not to fill out time sheets so we don't nickel and dime how many hours. It kind of feels like I am salaried when they don't want to pay overtime but hourly when I take time off. The bosses are pretty reasonable so when I take a friday here or there it is no problem. I'd like to know what Colorado law says regarding this. I've been on vacation for 5 business days but have my laptop and have been answering emails and corresponding with customers for a couple of hours each day. When I get back I'm sure I'll be putting in 50+ hour weeks to catch up. Shouldn't I get paid this week??

Posted by chris

I recently hired on to a new company and could use some advice. On my second interview with my new company, I was offered a salary on a yearly basis. I accepted this offer and began work. The paperwork I signed accepting this offer also had the same figure termed as "annual."

After one month of working, the company was purchased by a leading retailer. They announced this to all the employees and said that we would be a wholesale division of the retailer. When I received my "Welcome to the team!" letter from this retailer, I was addressed as an hourly employee. This was surprising, to say the least. I thought I accepted a salaried position and now I'm being classified as hourly. After all, I was offered compensation termed as "annual," I don't "punch" in or out (or any other time sheet for that matter), and I came from a salaried position at my former employer. Therefore, I was sure that there must be a mistake, so I directly went to the individual who made me the offer not six weeks earlier. I explained my concern to him and he told me he would get back to me.

After a week I asked him about it again and he told me that there is a federal law that says only certain positions are eligible for salaried compensation and I do not meet those requirements – specifically, the number of employees I directly supervise. Is there really a federal law concerning this situation?

A. Your company is right; there is federal law called the Fair Labor Standards Act that does require that certain jobs are either exempt or not exempt from the law. There are several tests that determine a job's exemption from the law. More information can be found at the Department of Labor's website. Without knowing the specifics of your job description, I have to say that it is possible that your job is not exempt and does requires your company to classify your job as nonexempt.

I know you may perceive this new classification as a bad thing however; I would encourage you to look at some of the positive aspects of this change. For instance, if you work more than 40 hours a week you will receive time and a half. If you have to come in on a weekend or holiday after you have worked for 40 hours, you may receive double time and a half.

Having said all that, I would ask your Human Resources Department to explain to you why your job has been recently classified as a nonexempt job. Even if you disagree with the decision you ought to be able to understand the rationale behind their decision. It's also important to keep in mind that regardless of whether you're job is exempt or not exempt from the federal law it is very important the company pay you a competitive rate. So, whether or not the company decides to change your status, make sure they pay you a competitive rate for the position.

Good luck.

– Erisa Ojimba, Certified Compensation Consultant.

I need help with this case study?

Salary inequities at Acme Manufacturing

Joe Black was trying to figure out what to do about a problem salary situation he had in his plant. Black recently took over as president of Acme Manufacturing. The founder and former president, Bill George, had been president for 35 years. The company was family owned and located in a small eastern Arkansas town. It had approximately 250 employees and was the largest employer in the community. Black was the member of the family that owned Acme, but he had never worked for the company prior to becoming the president. He had an MBA and a law degree, plus five years of management experience with a large manufacturing organization, where he was senior vice president for human resources before making his move to Acme.

A short time after joining Acme, Black started to notice that there was considerable inequity in the pay structure for salaried employees. A discussion with the human resources director led him to believe that salaried employees pay was very much a matter of individual bargaining with the past president. Hourly paid factory employees were not part of this problem because they were unionized and their wages were set by collective bargaining. An examination of the salaried payroll showed that there were 25 employees, ranging in pay from that of the president to that of the receptionist. A closer examination showed that 14 of the salaried employees were female. Three of these were front-line factory supervisors and one was the human resources director. The other 10 were non management.

This examination also showed that the human resources director appeared to be underpaid, and that the three female supervisors were paid somewhat less than any of the male supervisors. However, there were no similar supervisory jobs in which there were both male and female job incumbents. When asked, the Hr director said she thought the female supervisors may have been paid at a lower rate mainly because they were women, and perhaps George, the former president, did not think that women needed as much money because they had working husbands. However, she added she personally thought that they were paid less because they supervised less-skilled employees than did the male supervisors. Black was not sure that this was true.

The company from which Black had moved had a good job evaluation system. Although he was thoroughly familiar with and capable in this compensation tool, Black did not have time to make a job evaluation study at Acme. Therefore, he decided to hire a compensation consultant from a nearby university to help him. Together, they decided that all 25 salaried jobs should be in the same job evaluation cluster, that a modified ranking method of job evaluation should be used, and that the job descriptions recently completed by the HR director were current, accurate, and usable in the study.

The job evaluation showed that the HR director and the three female supervisors were being underpaid relative to comparable male salaried employees.

Black was not sure what to do. He knew that if the underpaid female supervisors took the case to the local EEOC office, the company could be found guilty of sex discrimination and then have to pay considerable back wages. He was afraid that if he gave these women an immediate salary increase large enough to bring them up to where they should be, the male supervisors would be upset and the female supervisors might comprehend the total situation and want back pay. The HR director told Black that the female supervisors had never complained about pay differences.

The HR director agreed to take a sizable salary increase with no back pay, so this part of the problem was solved. Black believed he had for choices relative to the female supervisors:

1. To do nothing.
2. To gradually increase the female supervisors salaries.
3. To increase their salaries immediately.
4. To call the three supervisors into his office, discuss the situation with them, and jointly decide what to do.

Questions to be answered:

1. What would you do if you were Black?
2. How do you think the company got into a situation like this in the first place?
3. Why would you suggest Black pursue the alternative you suggested?

Posted by Mmmrawr

If Black is only concerned about his own career and intends moving somewhere else shortly then he does 1 and hopes nothing happens till it ceases to be his problem. This is the normal management tactic.

I personally think he should do 2. He should explain to the women that the company wishes to regrade the jobs and change them slightly. HE needs to tell them that there it would be good for neither party for them to sue as the company would then make the case they did not do exactly the same job, the whole issue would drag on and in the meantime they would be paying legal costs and getting nothing. He needs to speak to them rationally and explain that his situation arose because there was not a robust enough job grading system but that whilst it might wish to the company has to consider what is finanically possible or noone will have a job. If the supervisors can't be reasonable are they really people he wants to employ? Similarly he needs to tell the men we are in the 21st century and they need to expect to have equal pay with women.

3 is finanically unaffordable and would create an immediate backlash from the male supervisors so given the women haven't yet complained they may well see that the company is good to work for as it is prepared to do sometihng without being asked or threatened.

4 I think is a bad idea as that meeting could well get out of hand if he just tells people they aren't being properly paid and what would they like to do. Without a definite course of action in mind they could well get increasingly angry and unreasonable. Wouldn't end well.

1. Doing nothng isn't attractive in teh long term. Sooner or later particulalry as it will be known the study was done something will come out and if the company hasn't moved then they have an explosive situation on their hands probably being sued adn with some very demotivated supervisors on their hands.

The company got into the situation because the exec was sexist. This is quite typical and quite common – without realistic procedures this is waht happens and its why women tend to be underpaid.

I also think that Black should go homem and pour himself a large drink and console himself for the terrible hassle he faces by telling himself he is extremely non-sexist and reasonable.

Martial Arts Business: The Cost of Expert Help, Today ($1 …

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Business Consulting Fee Schedule

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Questions and Answers

NEED TAX HELP! About Schedule C, business expenses…?

Hi! Ok, I am confused. Please help me with what expenses go in what catagories on the schedule C. Specifically, below:





5. "Contract Labor" WOULD THIS BE WAGES I PAY MY INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS, OR PEOPLE THAT I WOULD PAY TO DO SHORT TIME JOBS? (I only pay them as well on an independent contractor basis)

It is important to know that I do not have any employees, just me, except my once inawhile independent contractors, which does fall under the legal definition of which.

Also, what is the diff between cash & accural method? THANK YOU!!!!

Posted by ImaDork2

1. Rental, decorating, cleaning and maintenance not provided by the landlord.

2. Supplies consumed to run the business. Certainly paper, pencils, notebooks, and such.

3. I can't remember if this is where you take depreciation or if that's on another line. The things you listed would not be depreciated unless the fax or stereo was very fancy. If you work alone the stereo would be a personal item, unless you use it for demos or something.

4/5. You are paying contract labor, not wages, as long as the IRS agrees these are contractors and not employees. There are many tests and it's a subjective call.

Cash method is the normal way family accounting and individual income taxes are done. An expense occurs when you pay the bill. Income comes in when you receive payment, be it wages, consulting fees, merchandise sales, etc. Accrual method is the more sophisticated way of looking at income and expense, where you try to assign income and expenses when they happen, not when money changes hands. So a sale happens when you write an invoice; an expense happens when you get an invoice, not when you make payment. If you're a sole proprietor with no inventory, there's normally no advantage in the accrual system.

Franchise fee for tax purposes?

If a franchisor is refusing to refund the fee that was bought, what are my options for recovery as far as taxes are concerned?

Posted by Elizabeth

If I understand your question, you paid franchise fee, never actually started this business, and your franchisor will not refund you your fee. You're asking if you can have at least some tax write-off for this fee that you paid but did not use.

If so, then you do have some options, but comparing them is outside of what we can do in a short online answer. I will offer you one possible option, but I would still recommend you consult a professional tax planner.

That one option will be to treat the fee as an intangible business asset that you acquired when you paid the fee and that you abandoned (same as sold at zero) when you lost your hope to recover it from your franchisor. By the way, you will need some proof that his decision to not refund your fee is final, and you have no recourse left. The tax treatment in this case will be sale of business asset, reportable on form 4797, from where it flows to Schedule D. Even though I included links to the form, please use tax software or, better yet, an accountant. The form is trickier than it seems.

Michael Plaks, EA, Houston TX

Legal disclaimer: You cannot use this answer to avoid IRS penalties or to promote any transaction.

GSA schedule preparation fees?

I am trying to get my company onto the GSA schedule. I have been spending some time shopping around with different consulting firms. I have found that all firms charge either, in the $6000 range or in the $18,000 range. Whats up with the price difference?

Posted by Ben

The general difference between quotes is/should be the amount of knowledge and scope of service one firm is offering over the other. There are some companies that look at the GSA Schedule as a fill-in-the-blank exercise and take the path of least resistance in hopes of getting your Schedule approved just to send you a bill. While I can’t speak for all companies, the ones that are generally priced higher, provide a consultative service that not only focuses on ensuring your terms and prices are favorable to your business, but also provides your company with the tools and knowhow to win government business. Just having a GSA Schedule in place isn’t going to win you business (there are some exceptions). The government has a different set of priorities and does not respond to ROI in the same manner as the commercial sector. Working with a company that understands the government’s needs will save you time, money and frustration in the long run. It did for me.

I'm just outside San Francisco and sell solar panels under my GSA contract. Based upon a recommendation from within my company, I chose to work with Winvale. They're in Washington DC and helped me out greatly. Good luck!!

Become an expert – Greatest since sliced bread

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Business Management Consulting Fees

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Questions and Answers

Consulting Business Management Software Recommendation?

I need a software for my consulting business.

The software must be able to:
1) List All Customer Contacts
2) Able to show me a list of to do tasks by customers and companies
3) I am able to write notes on the contact
4) Allow me to write how much quote I have quoted for the customer/companies
4) Optional: There's a file manager where I can put files.

I don't mind paying up to $150 for the software but I am not willing to pay monthly fees.

For example:
If I click on ABC Pty Ltd tasks or to do list I would like to see:
– 01/01/11 Check bank account
– 01/02/11 Issue Receipt
– 01/03/11 Call customer
How much are you charging?
It's a very simple software.

Posted by kelwingoh

Hey sir,
welcome u here,

Hey i will provide u software and as per your suggestion functionality and also design as per your suggestion if u are ready then tell me i will create it after discussing with u.
I am from can also call me if u have urgent requirement for that then.
Phone no:+91-8866556305

my email id:

What are the legal steps involved in starting a business?

I want to start a business, partnership to be exact, I want to know all the legal processes involved. For whatever reason everytime i search how to start a business all i get are tips on how to make it succesfull, thats nice and all, but how do I make my business a legal tax paying government recognized business??
It is not an online business.

Posted by Anthony

For US based businesses, here's what you need to do to start. Choose your business form (Partnership, LP, LLP,LLC, S Corp are most common for start-ups). Partnerships require partners, and therefore you need a partnership agreement to govern your relationship with your partners. (You can create a partnership without a partnership agreement, but that's not advisable.) Partnerships often have a general partner who assumes the management and control (and overall liability) of the partnership and the other partners are limited partners (their liability is limited). Choose a state for your partnership (partnerships are state-regulated entities). At the website of your secretary of state's office, you can register your partnership and separately reserve your business's name. Most Sec of States this can all be done online. Depending on your business form, you may or may not have to file a copy of your partnership agreement or other business formation documents with the secretary of state. Pay the filing fees, and you are now a legally registered corporate entity.

For federal taxes, you need to obtain a TIN, or tax identification number, which you can do online. State and local taxing authorities have their own taxing regulations and procedures. Consult a local attorney.

What is the cheapest (accepted) 2 year full time MBA fees?

The top universities have fees upward of $45000.

Are there decent colleges which has much lesser fees? (Around $20,000) which do accept non-candian students on student visa.
Kyle Busch. Thanks for your time.

I have been google for few time now, and I know what would be the response if I key in "Cheapest MBA in Candada". There would be a load of data, some of which will be totally unreliable. So, in that case, I will have to get that list of colleges, and again post it here to know which of those colleges are indeed fine.

As for I should have worked harder, my heart told me, better ask first, there might have been some one looking for the exact same thing and would be a very valid suggestion. Hence I have been parallely searching, and publishing the same in other parts of the web (blog)

As for, making others do my work, sorry if any of you felt, I certianly hate to do that. My logic was I will get a validated response, rather than search results.

For top universities, it is easy to find good info, but "cheapest" ones often end up with fake data. Hence, I had to ask for your help.

And Sir, you have been nicely sarcastic, may
Found Http://… as a good college.

Posted by Share knowldge, lets be friends.

All right, here is a non-smarta55 answer to your question.

I have MBAs from both Queen's University, Queen's School of Business, in Kingston Ontario (Canada) and Cornell University, S.C. Johnson School of Business (Ithaca, New York, United States).

For 2014, the Cornell program is roughly $110,000 (two year complete) for traditional students. There is a price difference depending on program. The curriculum is essentially the same for any program offering an MBA from Johnson School, as far as I was told.

That is not "cheap." One must ask the value of an Ivy League MBA over others. You can decide that for yourself, as I did. It was an academically rigorous program, to say the least with equally challenging admissions requirements.

Queen's School of Business is $69-75K (Canadian dollars). Queen's is consistently rated No. 1 or at least top-5 in most of the "major" MBA program surveys. Similar comments to previous paragraph.

I personally enjoyed Queen's more than Cornell, due to different teaching style and presentation. YMMV.

Compare and contrast to University of Washington (Foster School of Business): roughly $70K for a two year program. A well-regarded public school, regionally, perhaps not quite Top-30 globally but still turns out very sharp graduates. Greater Seattle area. I work with Foster grads all day long and they do have a good perspective on regional issues, by and large.

Circling back to your question: what, for you, defines a "decent" school? Those I mentioned are Top-30 in the world. To me, that is "decent" in that top employers take notice. If you want to work in traditionally MBA-heavy disciplines like management consulting, and work for a big firm like PWC, McKinsey, Boston, or Bain, you might need a top-degree.

I would consider combing business school rankings, and assembling a table in a spreadsheet. Rankings are a business as much as science, so take that for whatever it's worth. Then add columns for different type of MBA, based on whatever works for your particular situation (traditional, executive MBA, other?). Fill in two-year costs for each. I would personally complete another table with cost of living and other factors for each city, too, if that is part of your plan. The admissions processes can burdensome, so think carefully about that, too. If you're applying for Class of 2014, hurry up, you're late for most programs.

Program cost is usually (always?) available on each school's site. I checked HBS, SC Johnson, Queen's, Foster, Tuck, and Darden: it's all there.

Good luck!

GoBee presents Negotiating Consultancy Fees by Barbara …

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Consulting Packages

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Questions and Answers

How long after a groomer flea bath can I treat with flea repellent?

Posted by Arekaybee

Consult package directions, or your vet..

Does anyone know where to consult for package design print out?

I'm working on a marketing project and was just wondering where to consult, if you wanted to make something like mcdonald apple pie package.
Id appreciate it if you guys can help me out.

Posted by Sam

You need a packaging printing company – someone who specialises in the printing and diecutting of cardboard type materials. Search online for companies operating in your locality.

They may offer design and layout services for your packaging also. Alternatively you may want to use another designer or create your own design if you have the equipment and print knowledge.

If you want to create your own design to supply to a printing company, unfold an existing packaging item of the same shape so you can see how you need to construct your layout.


I have given my notice at my current job as a packaging coordinator/production administrator for a cosmetic manufacturer in California to move to Arizona. Last week, the owner of the company told me that he would like to keep me as a consultant. I have never worked as a consultant, let alone as a 1099 contracted employee. What are some good links for information regarding working from home as a contracted employee? How do i determine my value as a contracted employee ($/hour)? I do not have a degree, but I have worked hard and know EVERYTHING about the industry. Should I allow the owner of the company determine my value?
I have already obtained employment with another company which may produce a conflict of interest on both sides. Should I just keep my mouth shut about the consulting deal and hope for the best?
Another consultant that works for the company I currently work for is paid 3x what I make per year. Should I shoot for more money than I already make?

Posted by Tim B

You don't need to tell your new boss about the consulting job unless they specify that it's not okay. Consultants don't have taxes paid out of their wages so you will need to pay both the employee and enployer taxes later when you file your taxes. Your hourly rate should probably be the hourly rate you make at your new job, with a 12% increase built in to cover the additional taxes. In this instance though I bet they will tell you what they can afford or expect to pay you.

Marketing Consultant Credibility Packages! Down load here!!!

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Consulting Services Fees

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Questions and Answers

Software Consulting – is it covered by Service Tax ?

Software Consulting was definitely not in purview of Service Tax a few years back. Is it now? Since when?

If yes, what if i have not collected Service Tax from my client, since i was not aware of it. What should be done – do i need to go back and collect service tax from my client?

Note, i am just an individual, not a company.

Posted by Shikhar

Software Consulting is taxable with effect from 16/05/2008. If you are individual your basic exemption limit is Rs. 10.00 Lacs for all kind of taxable service.

If your gross receipt exceed Rs. 10.00 Lacs you are liable to pay service tax from the date of exceeding the limit.

Even if you have not charged service tax in your invoices. You can pay service on reverse formula using (Gross Fees X Service Tax)/(100+ Service Tax)

Designer's consulting fee ??? Pls help?

We are thinking about engaging a designer for doing the interior of our apartment.I have come across one guy who was my classmate.The problem is that, we are satisfied with him but he is not giving us an idea about his consulting fee.We don't prefer a free service.Can you folks give us an idea about the general pay for initial consulting.We haven't taken any drawings from him, just consulting the changes to be done in the structure.

Posted by patience

Consultation fees are usually waived if you hire their services. You need to directly ask him his fees for the consult, but he is probably waiting for your decision…even so, it is good business for him to discuss this before beginning anything with you. Because of this, I would be leary of his final pricing. If you decide on your friend for a designer, then you need to get a written estimate on the whole job and a detailed paper on what will be included. He might just be new, but you do not want any unexpected bills. I still think you should talk to more than one designer, but it is your choice if you are happy with his ideas.

How do I go about offering consulting services to a company?

So, I have some ideas that I think will be good for a particular company. I would like to offer my idea and skills in return for contract employment. I do know a couple people at this company. How do I go about presenting my ideas and asking them to just be a contract employee who would lead these projects and find proper management to continue the product/service for the future.

Posted by Junoon

Write a thorough proposal, outlining all of the key information:

1. Background and purpose of the contract work.
2. Scope of the work.
3. Timing of the work (I assume it is project oriented with natural start and finish times for the project)
4. Your qualifications.
5. Proposed fees / billing rates for your services.

Apphelp Client Success Story- CMU Tepper 2011 Admit

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Consulting Fees Examples

Fee, Flower Plug, Stainless, Rusty - Free image - 167657

Questions and Answers

Financial Advisors, and fees…. Which ones are appropriate, what is fair?

12b-1 fees- are unfair
a high consulting fee is unfair (even if it apears to have value)
Trading money adds costs… Many to a stock brokers pocket.
Assets under management fee… What is fair?

Semi philosophical
Call me dismal, I don't trust any advisors because they hide fees– they smile, then line their pockets. They preach methods that compensate them the most.

I'm still not actively trying to grow a financial planning practice because I can't determine how I want to charge, in fear of overcharging.
(It took almost 2 years to find a happy medium with mortgages in terms of fees and compensation, and finally, I found the fairest, most competitive amount, and it was low. Now I want to learn the same for what is fair to potential clients)

Any suggestions would be great and appriciated.

Posted by mobyisaparrothead

12b-2 fees are not necessaruily unfair, it is a method of paying for distribution. If you want to buy a T. Rowe fund from your broker, how is your brokerto be comepnsated? Either use loads/commisions or 12b-1 fees. It is not unfair as it is disclosed. If you want cheaper funds go for fidelity or T. Rowe funds.

FYI, the listed fees are not the only fees charged, brokegrage commissions, law suits, other extraordinary expenses, etc are not reflected in the fee table, they are instead reflect in the basis (performance).

An example of unfair pricing.
A fidleity S&P500 fund costs 10 BP; look up what Morgan Stanleys fees are ( plus any loads). Now that is expensive.

Also as an advisor, things are even more awkawrd. You are paying for a finacial advisor so you have professional management; you then buya mutual fund for its professional management; why pay two levels of fees for professional management?

Should I consult with several mortgage advisers?

My husband and I are planning to purchase a home. And with the rates dropping, should we consult with several advisers? If so, how many?

Posted by msjessparker

Yes you should consult with several, but I don't recommend more than 3 vendors. More than that and you will just have a hard time keeping track everyone is saying.

I suggest talking to: your bank/credit union, a direct lender, and a reputable broker.

Here's how to take control of when your asking for quotes…

The biggest thing to remember is to compare apples to apples. For example: If you like the rate that is being quoted to you by one lender – then shop the fees of another lender based on that rate. OR if you like the closing costs quoted by one lender – shop the rate based on the closing costs you have in front of you.

For Example:

"Hello, this is (your name). I'm being offered a rate of 5.000% (always use 3 digits). What would your closing costs be at that rate?" No matter what – don't tell that lender what closing costs you were quoted. Honest lenders/brokers give their best quotes the first time.


"Hello this is (your name). I'm being offered a loan with $4000.00 in closing costs. What is the best rate that you can give me without going over that amount. In this example don't tell the competing lender the rate that you already have.

**When comparing closing costs it's best to get a Good Faith Estimate so that you can compare the quote line by line.

Once you've found the vendor with the best quote and you're comfortable with them – you can begin to negotiate their fees directly. The key is that you will have the lowest starting price to begin with.

I hope that helps.

Average fees to see a lawyer?

I wonder if anyone can help me. I live in the UK and am planning to see a lawyer in the USA for advice on immigration. I have emailed a few to ask for a quote and the cheapest I can't find is $150 (around £100). Is this about right or should I keep looking?

Many thanks.

Posted by Caz

$150 is most likely the cheapest you will find. The average lawyer charges anywhere from $150 to $300 depending on where they live.

Is the $150 the fee for the consult, or is this a hourly rate? Granted you are looking for advice on immigration, but if the lawyer should have to do anything for you legally, most likely will have you sign an agreement and ask for a retainer, meaning as an example if he asks for $1,000, then he takes from that amount to pay for court costs ($100 to $150 to file), any work he does for you he will be charging a hourly fee and if his hours exceed that amount would owe him more. Most lawyers when they ask for a retainer, know from experience how many hours needed to do something.

Good luck.

O'Reilly Webcast: Anonymizing Health Data

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Business Consulting

Money, Bills, Calculator, Save - Free image - 256312

Questions and Answers

Is Business Management Consulting tax deductible?

I can't find anything specific on this, I need to know if Business consulting for an Auto Body shop would be tax deductible. Thanks so much to ANYONE with the answer!!

Posted by shelleylane65

The textbook answer to the question, "What's deductible?" is, "Any reasonable and necessary expense incurred in the production of taxable income."

Normally you'd bring in a consultant to help improve your business procedures with the intent of turning a greater taxable profit either through the generation of additional income or the reduction of expenses or both. That easily passes the "necessary" test.

Reasonableness is a bit more subjective but unless it's obviously excessive for the size of the business or the amount revenue involved then it should normally pass that test as well. If you paid a consultant $10,000 and your business generates $250k in revenues that wouldn't be challenged. If you paid him $100,000 that might not be reasonable at first look but if it enabled you to run your revenues up to $1,000,000 in a couple of years it might still be reasonable given all of the facts at hand.

What exactly is business strategy consulting and would business strategy consulting help me?

OK, I admit it, I am likely to fall in love with "buzzwords" when it comes to my business. However, in a nutshell, I would like to know exactly what business strategy consulting really is and is business strategy consulting something I should look into.

Posted by

Business strategy consulting is pretty much exactly as it's name implies. A consultant will discuss with you the best strategies to get your business booming. They can help you decide your target customers, how to bring those customers to your business, and how to keep them coming back again. If you can afford business strategy consulting, I would encourage it. It can change your business from a small business to one that will earn you lots of money in the near future!

How would I start a Consulting business in Nevada?

I am Looking Seriously at starting a business in the field of Security Consulting and I need to know where to begin in Nevada. I have a group of Experts in many varied fields of Security, I just want to bring this all together as a business.

Posted by kahuna c

Below are resources to help you start a business in Nevada:

Nevada Small Business Development Center, Http:// (General Business Start Up)

UNR Center for Economic Development, Http:// (Research and Technical Assistance)

Management Assistance Partnership (MAP), Http:// (Business and Technical Assistance)

Community Business Resource Center (CBRC), (Connect to all of Nevada's Free Business Assistance Resources At The
Nevada Business Support Network)

Nevada Secretary of State's Office, (New and Existing Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and other Business Entities)

Nevada Commission on Economic Development, Http:// (Administers Incentive Programs for Businesses Considering Starting or Relocating to Nevada)

Office of Business Finance and Planning, Http:// (Private Activity Bond Financing for Small Manufacturers and certain non-profit and solid waste disposal projects)

Division of Industrial Relations, Http:// (Workers' Compensation Insurance and Workplace Safety)

Nevada Labor Commissioner, Http:// (Labor and Wage Laws and Rates)

Nevada Department of Taxation, Http:// (Information on Business Taxes)

Contact the Department of Business and Industry at:

Department of Business & Industry
555 E. Washington Ave. Suite 4900
Las Vegas, NV 89101
702-486-2750 Fax: 702-486-2758

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How to Become a Management Consultant

Calculator, Paperclip, Pen, Office - Free image - 178127

Questions and Answers

How to become an IT consultant?

I am not sure if yahoo answer is the right place to ask this.
Anyways I want to become an independent IT consultant.How do i become that?
Presently I am working with Tata Consultancy Services( i have 4 years experience in Business Process Management-Lombardi tool).Now i want to become an IT consultant. Can u guide me through.What steps to take.i.e publishing white papers n all.
I dont have much idea about it.
Appreciate your help.

Posted by cool4u_007
Can I become a Management Consultant?

I know the question sounds weird, but I didnt know how to word it any other way, hehe

Ok, so I am a really hardworker (if I really enjoy what I am doing), takes the initiative, and has great communication skills.

BASc(Chem.Eng.) / MBA – University of Toronto
MS Chemical Engineering – University of California-Berkley

Work Experience:
1 Year with Schlumberger-Field Engineer

I really like Management Consulting because of all the problem solving involved, interaction with senior management with other companies (allows me to expand my network), and all the wonderful short-term travel you do(usually only 2 weeks in length).

I met a couple of people who worked at McKinsey and one at Boston Consulting Group, all of them say it is a very rewarding career, both financially and personally.Although Schlumberger allows you to travel, you mostly move there temporarily sometimes for a few months, which was fun at the beginning, but then I started getting homesick a little.Plus, offshore rigs are kind of lonely !

Can I become a Management Consultant at one of the top firms (preferably McKinsey and BCG, I heard they were exceptional employers)?

What would a salary look like for someone like me ( more than they pay for that position ??? ) ?
What do you mean by "entry level"? I have a feeling that I am wrong, but I read somewhere that people with MS or MBA start as Associate Consultants, instead of people who only have Bachelors and start as business analysts. No?

Posted by A.B.

Your education looks good but with only a year "real work" experience you will be at the entry level of consulting. I started my own company doing management consulting (accounting oriented). I also have an MBA but I also have 20 years experience to draw from. If this is what you think you may want to do then working for a big consulting firm will give you some solid experience but you will travel a lot.

Good luck.

What is the role of management consultant? How to become one?


I'm 26yr old woman working as an engineer. But I wonna move in management side, but I'm not sure if that is a good move because
a) I'm not sure what r the roles of management consultant?
B) What r the career prospects?
C) How much do they earn?
D) How to become one?
E) At my age(26yr) , should I think of becoming one?

Please suggest.
Well I know I need to do MBA. That is very clear to me.
I already earn $150 K in the current job.

Posted by Niki

Hi, it takes nothing to call yourself one, what makes you real is to have clients that will hire you and pay you. You can make whatever people think your skills are worth.

At 26, unless you have some aspects on your resume that would stand out, I think it would be hard for you to strike out on your own at this time.

That said, there may be aspects that you can develop on the side while you "keep your day job."

If for example you have project management experience you can take on some small projects for non-profits and other start up companies that are really hurting for executive help but can't afford to pay top dollar. If you do well by these people you will quickly develop some references as as well referral clients, and the rest can be history :)

Alternatively you can pursue a position in a company as a client services (not customer service!) person in which case you will get first hand exposure to executive services and be trained to work in the front office (most likely as an engineer you were in the back office).

You don't need an MBA or other degree unless it pertains to the type of consulting you wish to present to people. There are plenty of MBAs out there, but you offer your own skills and experience they do not have because they are non-technical and most likely are just spewing B-school b.s.

That's the simple answer, the rest is up to you!

The Clouds, Cloudy With A - Free image - 210649…

Business Consulting Companies List

List, Dry Leaves, Autumn, Tree - Free image - 325312

Questions and Answers

Anyone heard of atlantis business consulting? Located in NYC?

I got a random call from them for an interview, but i have a feeling it is a scam. Anyone knows this company?? What do they do for living? Thanks.

Posted by boyg

What legitimate company is not listed in the phone book?

How could anyone find a company if they are not listed?

And with unemployment in the US around 10%, no real company is going to randomly call people. They could post an opening on any job site or in any newspaper, or call any headhunter, and have hundreds of people apply to them.

Is IPA a good consulting company to use?

Posted by Ronald K

Which one? I would ask for a list of references

International Profit Associates, Inc IPA-IBA : Business Consultants
Provides consulting services such as analyzing the financial, operational, and sales functions of businesses, identifying strengths and deficiencies, and providing … – 12k
IPA Energy Consulting
IPA Energy + Water Economics – Edinburgh, UK based energy consultants providing expert advice on electricity, gas, water and renewable energy sources. – 9k – Cached
IPA Consulting
… Technical commitment that only IPA Consulting Services can provide, while others … IPA Consulting Services provides the highest level of services in a fully … – 8k – Cached
International Profit Associates Consulting | 847-808-5590
IPA Advisory & Intermediary Services … Business development group and management consulting firm focused on small and … Complete IPA testimonial list. … – 5k
International Profit Associates Video Testimonials
IPA. Consulting. Home | Client Benefits | Business Library | IPA … Dumouchelle and Gerald Anderson (IPA consultants) helped me immensely in that regards. … – 22k – Cached
IPA – Independent Project Analysis, the preeminent consultancy in …
Provides consulting on capital projects for the chemical and other process industries. – 21k – Cached
IPA-IBA International Profit Associates Consulting Services
… Business Analysis (IPA-IBA) provide management consulting services to businesses … Management and other experienced IPA-IBA consultants to seek resolutions for … – 13k – Cached
IPA Consulting
IPA Consulting is always looking for expert consultants in the pharmaceutical industry. You will find IPA Consulting a rewarding place to build your career. … – 4k – Cached
IPA-IBA | Our experience with International Profit Associates
… With and opinions of the business consulting firm IPA, International Profit Associates of Buffalo Grove, … Gerald Anderson (IPA consultants) helped me … – 5k
International Profit Associates Management Consulting Careers | IPA-IBA …
International Profit Associates provide management consulting services to businesses throughout the US and Canada. IPA-IBA analyzes financial, operational and sales … – 5k.

Call companies and offer $50 websites?

Am trying to start a website consulting company.
I will actually be making and maintaining websites
i also plan to do print advertising for clients(business cards/brochures ect.)
but i am having a hard time getting clients.
Would it be a good idea to find companies who dont have websites listed on there listing then call and ask in my most professional voice, if they want me to make theirs for a cheap 50 bucks, just to get my client base started

any marketing ideas would be appreciated.

Posted by liltammy1988

I would not do that. It is bad positioning when you cold call and offer dirt cheap service. People associate price with quality, and they will never see value in something cheap.

It is tough job to convince people who do not have web site these days they need one. Trust me, web site design companies are calling them every day offering web site design with price tags of few thousands dollars. Imagine what will they think if you call and offer it for $50.

You need to do something so they come to you instead of you coming to them, then it will be much easier for you to sell them your services. Offer them free consultation, free web site analysis, free ebook which will show them how to create and claim their business on Google places, etc. You need to build your authority figure, so your price is never questioned.

Also, don't make web site only, create a package which include web site design, web site hosting, auto responder, video marketing, social marketing, web site maintenance, etc. Another trick is to have two or three packages with different pricing so they are gently pushed to take one. So instead of yes and no answer, there is yes and yes answer :) But do not make more than three packages, since people are easily confused with too many choices and they are more likely to make none if they have too many.

Hope it helps, let me know if you have more questions.

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Office, Meeting, Business Partners - Free image - 336368

Questions and Answers

Online consulting business?

Posted by A.K.M. Rabiul Islam

Great Idea!

How can I start Consulting Business?

I want to know some thing about Consulting Business, please give me some suggations…….!

Posted by Naresh y

The easiest part of the job is printing business cards.

It is uphill after that. You need to be perceived by others as an expert in the area of business you wish to work in. Start a website and blog.

Start by writing articles to be published in local chamber of commerce publications, newspapers and trade magazines. Look for places to be allowed as a speaker.

There is a lot of hand shaking and face time involved to gain the exposure and recognition needed to obtain such work.

How To Be A Consultant [Business Training]

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Business Consulting Management Services

Pizza, Pizza Service, Italian, Eat - Free image - 346985

Questions and Answers

Is hotel management offered as a mba?

Is hotel management offered as an mba and if so is there any colleges in nyc which offer this?

Posted by Christopher

No. The MBA is a Master in Business Administration. If you want to specialize in hotel management, you can probably find an MS in that field. Universities don't grant MBA in information systems, or MBA in finance, or MBA in hotel management. They grant the degree Master in Business Administration, or they offer the MS in finance, MS in marketing, etc. The MBA is a general degree preparing students for management positions in any level of a business, up to CEO. MBA students study accounting, finance, marketing, management, statistics, economics, strategy, policy, and other courses. Many MBA programs offer concentrations in these and many other fields, but that amounts to only 2-3 courses in your chosen field in the second year of study. Many students avoid a concentration and take a variety of elective subjects to gain a broader background. You can probably find an MBA program with a hotel management concentration. You don't become a specialist in a field with 2-3 courses. It generally takes a year of concentrated study.

The MBA is not like an MS degree that concentrates study in a single field and prepares students for high level staff or research positions. The MS typically requires an undergraduate education in the field in which you want the MS, or a closely related field. A finance major does not get an MS in chemistry, and a biology major does not get an MS in accounting. If you want to specialize in a particular field other than business administration, such as finance, marketing, operations management, human resource management, or a non-business field such as public health, or public administration, you should get an MS degree in that specialization.

Consult the Official MBA Guide. It's a comprehensive free public service with more than 2,000 MBA programs listed worldwide. It allows you to search for programs by location (US, Europe, Far East, etc.), by concentration (finance, marketing, aviation management, health management, accounting, etc.), by type of program (full-time, distance learning, part-time, executive, and accelerated), and by listing your own criteria and preferences to get a list of universities that satisfy your needs. Schools report their accreditation status, tuition cost, number of students, class sizes, program length, and a lot of other data. Schools provide data on entrance requirements, program costs, program characteristics, joint degrees, and much more. You can use the Guide to contact schools of your choice, examine their data, visit their web site, and send them pre applications. You can see lists of top 40 schools ranked by starting salaries of graduates, GMAT scores, and other criteria.

What are the goals of cash management for a business?

What are the goals of cash management for a business? Should those goals be the same for every kind of business? Why or why not? –

Posted by sarah v

Typically when you run a business you pay your expenses before you collect your revenue. For example, if you are running a consulting business you might pay your employees every two weeks and bill your customers once per month. In addition, you might offer your customers the ability to pay their bills in 30 days. (Net 30). Since you need cash to pay your employees (and other bills), the goal of cash management is to ensure that you do not run out of cash. There are successful companies that have run into trouble because they could not manage their cash. While the goal of cash management is the same for every type business, some business naturally have cash management issues and some business do not. For example, if you are a sole-proprietor electrician and you collect cash when you service your customers you may not have any cash management problems.

What is a service job?

Its a homework assiment.

Posted by Jasmin L

A service job is one in which you perform a task for a person or business. For example, service jobs include everything from janitorial services to high-level management consulting. Doctors and teachers are also in service jobs. Everyone who works for a company that does not produce or manufacture a tangible product is in a service job.

In broad economic terms there are two categories of jobs–service and manufacturing. Service jobs provide some kind of service for people (or other businesses or organizations) and manufacturing jobs produce a tangible product.

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Business Strategy Consulting Firms

Architecture, Blue, Building - Free image - 22231

Questions and Answers

IT strategy consulting in Consulting Firms?

What kind of work is done in the IT Strategy division of some consulting companies like McKinsey, Bain, BCG, etc.

How different is it from what is done in IT companies?

I am currently looking at moving into an IT consulting role in such companies as mentioned above.

Posted by Suraj

IT company gets into a new project and gets stuck. Doesn't know how to get out. Calls in the over-priced consultants from Bain, Accenture, etc. Who also have no clue BUT no how to sell themselves as experts. IT company buys it and puts rank amateurs in place of their halfway seasoned employees to head the project. Consulting company bills a fortune to get the job done while "learning on the job" to figure out what needed to be done. Meanwhile, Consulting company looks for other "problems" and ways to remain at client site to make more money. IT Company employees get fed up and begin to leave. And THAT is how the whole business works. It's a laugh but the executives in large companies are even more clueless than the consultants.

Can you think of a creative name for a small business consulting firm?

This is for an assignment. The firm works to improve companies with marketing, accounting, taxes etc…

Posted by Anon1

Strategy Systems Inc.

Tru-Tech Inc.

Fortitude Finance Corp.

Advance Group Co.

+ Profit Plus + Inc.

I own a consulting firm and continue to build my business.?

I need advice on how one becomes a preferred vendor for insurance companies. I provide litigation consulting services; that is, strategy for preparing for trial, providing insight into potential damages, assistance with managing risk. Any tips or suggestions are welcome.
*This kind of work involves services that insurance companies do not have — I assist the lawyers that they hire for claims that go on to litigation.
*Tom Z, back channel me — I believe you have a feel for what I'm looking for.

Posted by Mr G

Local chambers of commerce or business groups will have zero value for you because the local insurance agents you meet have no say in the counsel an insurance company chooses.

Insurance companies choose the consultants they will use not insurance agents. You need to develop contacts at the insurance company's home office level. More than likely that will not be a local situation.

You need to check what companies operate in your area and determine where their home offices are located. Some may be in your State but if the company is a national company the home office might be a significant distance from your office.

I would start in two ways. First, talk to the various insurance adjusters that handle claims in your area. Your own agent probably can give you some contacts. These adjusters don't make decisions as to the use of counsel but they might be able to bump you up the ladder so that you can talk to somebody that does make those decisions.

Second, check with your contacts in the local bar association they might be able to give you some contacts with insurance company decision makers.

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How to Become a Business Consultant

Home Office, Workstation, Office - Free image - 336373

Questions and Answers

What is the best job in business?

What is the best job in the business field out of the following:

Human Resources
Marketing Manager
Agent and Business Manager
Account Executive
Business Consultant
Management Analysts
Corporate Development Manager
Financial Analysts
Market Research Analysts
International business administrator

Please rate them for me or recommend any other jobs! I want a job that is well-paying, comfortable work setting, enjoyable, has a good job outlook, etc. If you answer, thank you so much! 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER! Who wants it? Please answer:)

Posted by Mohammed

I really would like to become a business consultant and potentially even set up my own business with that later on if possible.

How can you become a business consultant?

Posted by bizness_girl4eva

There really is no requirement to be a consultant of any kind. The problem is unless you have a track record in successfully starting and running a business no one will want to talk to you. How can you give advise on something you have no experience in? Would you do to a surgeon who has never done an operation? Of course not. So why should people give you money for advice about their business if you have never own or run a business? Would you take financial advice from a poor man who has nothing? Get a ton of experience and prove yourself, then pursue a career as a consultant.

How do you become a Business Consultant?

What type of degree do you need and companies employee business consultants? Anyone have any experience in this field?

Posted by davidnicolewilson

Consultants typically have an expertise in a particular field, industry, skill, etc.

In my opinion, there are two types of Consultants: those who are unemployed and take side 'consultant' jobs, and the industry experts that work for respected firms such as McKinsey & Co.

The true consultants are typically intelligent people, generally with graduate degrees, a number of years experience in a particular skill (e.g. Six Sigma) or industry (e.g. Banking).

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Small Business Consulting Firms

Dog, Puppy, Animal Portrait - Free image - 279698

Questions and Answers

Quick question about small business taxes?

If, for example, I had a 5000 dollar loss from a small home business, and this business was started in 2008, can the entire loss be written off?

Posted by socalmark

The small business taxes code are a way of life its important for small business owners for consulting firm & getting advantages for the business available deductions .

Is marvel annen an all-round business consulting firm in the netherlands?

Posted by mreleeuwen

Yes, the firm is called Marvel and is based in Annen, in the province of Drenthe, in the northeast of the Netherlands. They offer all round business services and consulting, like services related to management, training, human resources and safety. They specialise mainly in small companies.

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IBM Business Consulting Services

Home Office, Workstation, Office - Free image - 336373

Questions and Answers

Job related quaries?

I'm a fresher SAP SD consultant ! Want to join a company unfortunately the companies are looking for the experienced guy
not a fresher and I don't want to add fake experience with my resume ! It seems there is no way out Guide me plz
1-Which are those companies hiring SD consultant as fresher
2-What are the other options for me
I'm in delima what to do Please help !
Thanks in advance.

Posted by masaya

You should try the SAP service partners. They can provide you a good job and good projects.
Global services partners are:

* Accenture
* Atos Origin
* BearingPoint
* Capgemini
* Deloitte
* Fujitsu
* HP Consulting
* IBM Business Consulting Services
* IDS Scheer
* itelligence
* LogicaCMG
* Siemens Business Services
* Tata Consultancy Services

There are local partners too.

Which of the key Human Resource Challenges is IBM facing?

Case Study:

IBM’s Wandering Tribe (Roaming-Family)

IBM Ltd. Is a software development company, which strives to lead in the invention, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, storage systems and microelectronics. IBM translates advanced technologies into value for his customers through his professional solutions, services and consulting businesses worldwide.

An important trend in business today is the “Virtual Office”, or office without walls. IBM is also one of the companies who are saving office costs by making their employees work out of their homes.

The employees of IBM work from home, where extra phone lines, computer, fax equipment, desks and chairs have been provided at IBM expense. And they work from their cars, cellular phones and laptops. None of the sales teams, a total of 15,000 employees and growing, have fixed work locations provided by IBM.

If they need office for the da.

Posted by Khan

If this is a paper in your school, you are better of interviewing the people at IBM… Ask its HR…

Perhaps visit its website Http:// and try to get some information there…

Hope that will help.

What is IBM?

It is how it is. I've looked it up online and still can't figure it out.

What is it in english, not geek speek


Posted by .:+Japanic☻Goth+:.

International Business Machines Corporation, abbreviated IBM and nicknamed "Big Blue," NYSE: IBM, is a multinational computer technology and consulting corporation headquartered in Armonk, New York, USA. The company is one of the few information technology companies with a continuous history dating back to the 19th century. IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software, and offers infrastructure services, hosting services, and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.

IBM has been known through most of its recent history as the world's largest computer company; with over 388,000 employees worldwide, IBM is the largest information technology employer in the world. Despite falling behind Hewlett-Packard in total revenue since 2006, it remains the most profitable. IBM holds more patents than any other U.S. Based technology company. It has engineers and consultants in over 170 countries and IBM Research has eight laboratories worldwide.IBM employees have earned three Nobel Prizes, four Turing Awards, five National Medals of Technology, and five National Medals of Science. As a chip maker, IBM has been among the Worldwide Top 20 Semiconductor Sales Leaders in past years, and in 2007 IBM ranked second in the list of largest software companies in the world.

Small Business Consulting Services Cedar Park TX | (512 …

Businessman, Man, Walking, Crossing - Free image - 336621

Consulting Service Business Opportunity

Singapore, River, Skyline, Building - Free image - 243669

Questions and Answers

Psychology career opportunities ?

What are some career possibilities for someone with a B.S. In psychology? I'm considering majoring in it because I just finished an intro to psych class and i thought it was really interesting, but i hear that there aren't very many job opportunities for college grads in the Psych department. I'm not at all opposed to graduate school, but I'm also not sure if i have a Ph.D. Or a Psy.D. In me, so what are some jobs that I could get with a BS? Thanks a lot
What I really mean is, what kind of jobs could I get with a bachelor's degree, while attending a grad school for an MS?

Posted by dvd_clapp

There are alot of consulting contract jobs out there. Many business are looking for psych majors to determine how to maximize efficiency.

For example, a company might have you hired to analyze work environment, to see how one can improve morale or team leadership.
Or another example, a retail store may retain your services to review consumer shopping habits and how to improve on this. Think about it. That is why alot of stores put they most attractive products and items on the right side of the building. People tend to go right when they first go in. Supermarkets usually place undesirable items on the bottom, away from eye level.

Anyways, I think you see the point. Good luck.

Need career advice, help? People who do consulting, please read?

I have been working as an employee in the financial services industry for about 5 years now. I've worked in the following capacities:
Marketing – 1 year
Auditing – 1 1/2 years
Financial Sales – 3 years.

It's all starting to look a little old and boring and I want to go into business for myself in consulting. I've saved up about 6 months worth of living expenses to help while I get started. Has anyone gone into consulting? Was it the best or worst thing that ever happened to you? Thank you.

Posted by Valerie L

I highly recommend consulting as a career. I cannot imagine doing anything else. I worked for a financial services software company (doing work similar to a consultant) for 5 years; then I jumped ship and went to work for a major international consulting firm in their Financial Services practice for 10 years; then I started my own consulting firm (specializing in Financial Services) 5 years ago. Starting my own firm and working for myself has been one of the best experiences of my life.

I agree with what the other answerer said about 5 years of experience being a little light to be an independent consultant, but here are some suggestions…

1. Look for a transitional job (a "consulting-ish" job that is still part of a financial services company). For example, if there is a Program/Project Management Office (PMO) at your company, you should look into working for them. As a consultant, ALL of your work will be projects. You will definitely need expertise in Project Management (how to plan and organize a project, how to run a project, how to deal with issues that arise during the project, etc.). Some PMOs are just "paper-pushers" (i.e., they're not really in the thick of things and don't really add much value beyond filling out useless project forms). If that is the nature of your company's PMO, then steer clear. Another alternative for a "transitional" consulting job is to get involved with a project in your company (preferably a major project such as a systems installation). I've advised many of my clients who were in the same boat as you (good experience but bored and looking for something more) to use their financial services expertise on a systems project and use it as a springboard to a new career in IT, business analysis, project management, etc. One such client was an underwriter who volunteered to be on the testing and deployment team for a new loan origination system. He worked hard and learned the dynamics of testing and deploying computer systems and now he works as a business analyst (which is closer to consulting than underwriting).

2. While you are waiting for the perfect job or consulting opportunity to come along, read up and study the following topics:

a. Project Management — James P. Lewis is my favorite project management author. He has a very good primer on PM. Also, you should review the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) that is put out by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

B. Consulting — Consulting and Project Management usually go hand in hand, but they're really different skills. There are many good books on consulting out there, but I recommend Peter Block's book called "Flawless Consulting." Also, Mahan Kahlsa's book called "Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play" (which especially stresses consultative sales). Anything by Maister is good (such as "The Trusted Adviser").

C. Your Business Operation — There's another book called "The Business of Consulting" which I remember thinking was good but I can't remember the author's name (the author was a woman). The thrust of her book was to help you get your internal operations straight (billing, hiring, firing, contracts, etc.). You should go ahead and set up your business even if you don't have clients yet. That will help you prepare. I established an S Corporation about 4 months before leaving my old consulting firm. It was nice to have it ready when the first client came along.

D. Your methodologies — You should think through how you would do different kinds of work and document it. You could have one methodology for how to do marketing consulting projects; another for how to do auditing consulting projects; and a third methodology for how to do sales consulting projects. The more organized you are, the better. Having a documented methodology also helps you explain what you do to your clients. The more organized you appear to your clients, the more they trust you. The more they trust you, the more they will buy from you.

2. You may want to see if you can land some "quick hit" jobs (or maybe even volunteer your services to small financial services firms while you continue your "real job"). If you do some "trial run" consulting gigs for little or no money, you will learn a great deal. The most important thing you will learn is whether you truly enjoy consulting. In addition, you will learn what you're good at and what you need to improve in your consulting and project management approach.

3. If you do decide to strike out on your own, you may want to find a more experienced consultant (like myself) to sub-contract under. That way you can operate under their umbrella and learn the ways of consulting from them. Just make sure they're someone you can trust. The way that I learned consulting was to work for more experienced consultants; I learned what to do and what not to do from them. Another advantage to sub-contracting is that it takes off some of the pressure to sell (which is often the most challenging and intimidating part of independent consulting).

4. Auditing is big right now. You may want to use your auditing experience to launch your consulting practice. I know many financial services consultants whose practices consist of nothing but helping their clients examine whether they're complying with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) or the regulations of other governing bodies (both external and internal).

5. If you have a degree, you may want to interview to be hired as an employee at a major consulting firm. They're always looking for good, smart people and having "industry experience" is often (not always) valued by these firms. You would learn a TON by working for these firms and having the name of a good firm on your resume is always impressive to future clients. Examples of such firms are Accenture, KPMG, Deloitte, etc. You can probably find other (smaller) consulting firms that specialize in Financial Services work.

6. Think about where you will get your clients. My philosophy is to stay within the Financial Services industry (specifically Mortgage Banking). Since Mortgage Banking people all know each other, every project could result in multiple referrals. If you skip around from industry to industry (which many are happy to do), then the referrals are usually not as numerous. Some consultants specialize in a particular skill rather than a particular industry (such as training development consultants). Focusing on industry has been my approach and so far it has been very successful.

7. Finally, I would NOT recommend quitting your job and then hunting for a client. Rather, I would look for a client in your spare time (or do some work on the side while you keep your "real job"). When you get a decent contract at a decent hourly rate for a decent amount of time, THEN you can quit your job and go full-time working for yourself.

I'm always excited to hear about people wanting to go into consulting. Please let me know if you have any other questions or need more information.

Good luck!

What are the job opportunities for product managers?

Posted by Binny

Title: Product Manager Needed

Company: Aspen Tech

Location: Cambridge, MA

Skills: 8+ years in a global technology company in a product management, product marketing, business consulting, sales, consulting services or a combination of roles required

Term: Full Time

Pay: DOE

Length: Full Time
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Aspen Tech is seeking a Product Manager who has at least 8 years in a global technology company in a product management, product marketing, business consulting, sales, consulting services or a combination of roles required.

Job ID: 29696
Location: Cambridge, MA

The Product Manager is accountable for the product strategy and direction including ownership for the business performance for the Batch Plus and Batch Process Modeling products serving the pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals industries. This individual will work closely with the cross-functional organization – including Product Marketing, Sales, and Development – to drive optimum business performance.

Responsibilities include:

Creating the product strategy, future product plans, and associated positioning

Managing the product roadmap to lead the process for new products or existing product improvements while translating requirements into vision documents for product development

Developing the business plan for the Batch Plus and Batch Process Modeling products considering all aspects of the business including license, revenue, and maintenance balanced against the development investments

Contributing in a key role to the creation of the core content product and corporate marketing into messages, collateral, training, and promotional activities

Balancing new product growth against existing product enhancements

Proactively identify product sunset opportunities to refocus the resources on value generating products

Leading the interaction with the user groups and advisory boards in developing and validating product strategy and product direction for priority setting. Acting as a sponsor in key customer opportunities.

Managing the relationship with technology partners to provide an integrated offering that significantly enhance value to the end customers and expand business for AspenTech.

Leading the development of channel resellers in non-core markets.
8+ years in a global technology company in a product management, product marketing, business consulting, sales, consulting services or a combination of roles required. Alternative technology deployment and or process development leadership experience the pharmaceutical industry required. Excellent understanding of the end user needs in process development in pharmaceutical and spec chem industries required. Demonstrated ability to translate market requirements into technical specifications and the ability to work with customers to formulate and validate product plans. Strong computer and communication skills a must.

Apply on line by clicking below.

Links to: Http://

Fagan and Associates, Inc. Personal & Business …

Office, Meeting, Business Partners - Free image - 336368…


Head Of State, President - Free image - 67753

Questions and Answers

What are consulting companies?

Hi guys, I want a summer internship and jobs etc, and an advice I got was to look at consulting companies, and under 'summer internship."
Please can you tell me what consulting companies are (eg such as KMPG, PWE Global and Ernst and Young.)

Thank you.

Posted by Eliza

Consulting companies are companies that get paid to provide consultancy services to larger companies. For example Booz Allen Hamilton ( a consulting company) would get paid by the Department of Transportation to come up with a solution to one of their existing problems. Another example would be Discover Card using McKinsey (another consulting company) to provide them with consultants to study a problem at the company related to any number of their issues and present a solution at the end of their stay. If you like the case study approach to problem solving, you'll like being a consultant.

Career in management consulting?

Would anyone be able to provide some ideas about how to network with management consulting firms in the Mid-Atlantic tri-state (PA, NJ, DE) region of the US?

I am 25, currently working as an analyst for a private equity firm, and would like to enter a business consulting role.

While my analytical/budgeting/leveraged buyout skills are excellent, I feel as though my lack of experience in actual business operations would be a detriment to me if I tried to start my own business (people wouldn't trust me or take me seriously because of my age/inexperience.

How does someone with no experience break into the consulting industry? Thanks!

Posted by Rob Kell

You have to consult them personally and then they can help you in many ways..

"Confianzys" Consulting is a first-of-its-kind consulting entity with a mission to help conceive market-driven breakthrough products and achieve global scale.

They can helps you develop a marketing strategy with your business strategy and goals as the starting point and a high degree of customer salience, intimacy and revenue realization as the end result. To do this, we bring in global marketing best practices and knowledge of changing industry trends and customer preferences. Our expertise includes a scientific approach to pricing that closes the gap between revenue and customer expectations.

What is consulting research??

- whats its purpose?
– who conducts consulting research?

Posted by jusssssy

Consulting research is simply that. It is research that is done in order to do personalized consulting, normally for a school, a school district or business. Because no two schools are alike, a good consulting firm would do the research for the specific school or business that is paying them.

Slalom Consulting | Welcome to Slalom Seattle

Sculpture, Garden, Fairy Tales, Fig - Free image - 249187

What Does a Consultant Do

Beer, A Pint, Cup, Alcohol - Free image - 199652

Questions and Answers

Laws regarding Consultants.?

So, a consultant is hired by a company (Company X). Is it legal for that consultant to be managing an employee who works for Company X? It doesn't seem legal to me since the consultant doesn't actually work for the company. He's only contracted. I'd love to know for sure either way. Thanks!

Posted by Lori

A consultant can fill any position contracted for just as any salaried employee. At least that is the way things worked at the last company I worked for. That company was a contractor for the federal government. The company used consultants like they used every salaried employee. The only difference was in how each was paid and what benefits came with the position. Consultants were paid more per hour, but had zero benefits. As a salaried company employee, at various times I worked with, worked for and supervised consultants. Where I worked as a salaried employee, this (what you describe) was a completely acceptable business practice.

Tax Structure for an IT Consultant?

I am working as an IT Consultant in an organisation. My Gross income is above Rs. 10 Lakh per annum. I understand that Consultant will get more tax benefit than a salaried employeed? How much I need to pay as tax? What are the items I can show for the tax exemption? Can you please list out the items that I can show for the tax exemption?

Suresh Babu.

Posted by Suresh B

Consultant will not get more 'tax benifits' but can save tax by showing and claiming various expenses, which salaried person can not claim.

For example, you can reduce your income by claiming conveyance expenses, news paper expenses, entertainment expenses to some extent (under the cover that you need to make it as your professional need), expenses on account of books and periodicals, fees you pay to the institutes for upgrading your skills, depreciation on office furniture (you should be able to state or proove that you are using one room of your residence as office), depreciation of your vehicle, depreciation on your mobile phone, telephone expenses etc.etc. Like any businessman or professional can show as expenses for running the business or the profession. These are not items of tax exemption but items of claiming exenses. You can also claim fees paid to other professionals like income tax consultant. There are many other heads.

Some care is needed. Better to appoint an consultant who can guide you properly for some fees.

But don't take it as favour by the company. They want to avoid many/some of their troubles and save on the applicable benefits if they appoint you as their employee.

You may need profession tax number from state govt. And pay tax.

This answer may not be complete. Some outline is given as per my knowledge.

What is a SAP Consultant?

What's the job profile include being a SAP Consultant? How often they change jobs?

Lately, I have met people who are SAP Consultant and they have changed like 3-4 jobs in a year. Is it possible, does'nt that question their reliability?

Posted by network7

SAP Consultants work with companies and help them develop hi-tech services that will allow the companies to manage their business more efficiently. To become a SAP consultant you are required to obtain a certificate directly from SAP or their accredited study centers.

The demand for SAP Consultants have grown lately and therefore, you may find SAP Consultants switching their jobs more frequently. When there is no limit how often you can change your job, it'll all depend upon your past performance and your ability to convince your recruiter about job changing objectives.

Business Consulting Services

Red Deer, Herd, Stag, Hind, Buck - Free image - 76961…

Business Consulting Services Business Plan

Blogging, Blogger, Office, Business - Free image - 336376

Questions and Answers

Which service is best value for developing a Business Plan?

We are starting a company. We know our mission and our vision but we are currently very busy and thus don't really have the time to sit down and do an actual formal business plan. Yet, we have to attract (raise capital) investors and we know that a solid and sensible business is integral to this. I have searched a little bit via the internet. Some services are more costly than others. Is there a "Business Plan" service (not a do-it-yourself) out there that is a good value, that is legitimate, etc. Etc.? We want to pay a service/company but be relatively sure that we are getting the most for our money and that their rep/history precedes them. Please advise at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

Posted by Albert

SBA= Small Business Association in conjunction with SCORE= Retired executives that consult in their specialty field. Both are free and very helpful. Both are great tools to have.

Good financial planning business names?

Posted by Geoff

Kate Financial Services

Future Financial Planning Consulting Services.

Good idea for a business plan?

Really need help what is a good idea for a business plan relating to nutrition or health and women. I was thinking of doing nutrition consulting for brides to be and soon to be mothers. Even something relating to health education since I am a health educator. I just need to write a business plan for my business class.Any help or suggestion will be really appreciated.

Posted by Jennifer

You should be able to get some free guindance on this via the SCORE program (Service Corps Of Retire Executives). It is a free service provided by volunteers with business experience. It is designed to help nurture small business developments like your idea.

Harper College Mgt 111 Introduction to Business Dr …

Break, Breakfast, Business - Free image - 18987…