What Not To Look For In A Delivery Service

The delivery business in Vancouver has numerous different sides to it. For one the city itself is located on the coasts of the sea and has very big mountains throughout. Add to this a variety of streams and you have some quite tough driving disorders to deal with.http://richardsdelivery.ca

The most effective shipping solution in Vancouver would entail dealing with a business that has a variety of trucks. These vehicles should be a selection of sizes in order to evaluate the lots required. Business should also operate throughout the reduced mainland from Chilliwack completely to Whistler.

One of the top refrigerated delivery services operating everyday is a firm called Richards Delivery. The owner of the firm is populared and has been highly rated for the prices and rate getting the goods to the location. They have actually been in business for a variety of years and as a result of this experience have the ability to conserve cash for customers as they understand the best paths to adhere to.

Various other types of Vancouver delivery service are firms such as Fedex and Purolator for ground delivery of tiny to moderate dimension package deals. For companies that are aiming to ship meat, fish, poultry, baked goods and various other items that require chilly temperatures they will have to rely upon a reefer delivery firm to handle their necessities.

Some companies in BC utilize air shipment as it is extremely quickly and can get over the mountains, streams and seas in a cost effective method. This will certainly allow several products to reach the remote islands and inlets that make up a lot of the Vancouver coastline. It may be even more money but the items will arrive punctually and in great shape.

If you are seeking the best delivery service in Vancouver my suggestion is to get in touch with among the companies stated in this blog.

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5 Tips On How To Choose The Best Mortgage Broker

Discovering how to pick the most effective mortgage can be quite challenging. For many the process could be overwhelming and fulled of several decisions. Exactly what should you search for in a great home mortgage business so you will obtain the most effective offer? This blog will show the 5 things to seek when you are searching for your following home mortgage.

1. Sort of Mortgage – There are several reasons to obtain a home mortgage. It could be a first time mortgage for a brand-new property owner. It could be a renewal mortgage for those that currently have one. It could likewise be a second mortgage for those that are looking for cash to spend on other things. Or maybe a reverse mortgage for those planning to make an income from their investment.http://sherwoodmortgagegroup.com

2. Credibility of the Mortgage Company – Be sure to ask how lengthy they have beened around as well as consider their testimonials online with Google. This will let you understand what the encounter has actually been like for previous clients.

3. Honor Winning – Has the home loan business you are assessing gained any sort of awards in the last 5 years. What sort of award is it? An industry, community or boat dock award? All are good indications.

4. Great Rates – Many home loan brokers work with the huge banks and because of this do not always have the very best price readily available. Independent mortgage brokers normally have the most affordable rates and the largest choices.

5. Customer care – The process of obtaining a home mortgage has many difficulties so it is necessary to manage to have the mortgage broker succeed with customer care. It is important that the personnel have the ability to speak with the brand-new customer and take care of all their concerns and problems addressed.

This 5 points should help those searching for a superb mortgage broker in Toronto. It is the conclusion of this writer that the best brokers in Ontario in no certain order are Callum Ross, Mortgage Super Hero and the Sherwood Mortgage Group.

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Learn To Code Game Offers Great Opportunity To Investors

Among the best investments to profile today is that of the programs market because of the massive development of the net over the last twenty years. The has opened up a large opportunity to those companies that have top quality programmers on staff and in place. The also larger concern to be discovered is those companies that call for programmers and can not discover sufficient certified ones.http://learntocode.biz

The trouble runs deep and gets to an intersection in between the school device and exactly what abilities are called for today in the technology industry. Most institutions are still teaching the same means that they did forty years earlier. Very same publications, same layout, exact same philosophy. Nowhere is the should teach programming to kids presented or checked out.

The should discover to code for little ones begins at a very early age and is plainly not being addressed at the college degree. It is up to the parents to teach their little ones enjoyable and interesting ways to learn the best ways to set. The timing could possibly not be more important as without new members experiencing the solution the requirement will certainly be larger compared to supply.

There are a few competitors in the marketplace these days. Among the better means is through a new game that teaches kids to code with puzzles. If you could get kids considering this early on in their development the shows will become easier to comprehend and definitely a lot more fun to learn. These programming ready kids have a good time story lines behind them and make use of engaging puzzles to clarify and teach the essentials of learning to code.

Once the children acquire the early ideas in position and begin to go up the levels it does not take wish for them to intend to invest increasingly more time. These coding ready youngsters are excellent and a much better use of time than sitting in front of the Television or playing a mindless computer game. The end outcome is to obtain kids interested and move them up the ladder of eduction.

The best coding ready kids is one called Machinist-Fabrique and is offered online from an up and coming Swedish designer. This new company has actually been doing very well getting their item in the hands of those who could make a distinction and the assessments have been excellent. Their mission is to change the means little ones play games by enlightening them for a higher objective at the same time. They are in the procedure of seeking a 2nd round of seed resources and the numbers are appealing. To learn more about this amazing new financial investment chance from Norther Europe click here.

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Look for additional information posts on fantastic financial investment from all over the world from this website. We are regularly looking for the following big point. Make certain to sign up for the newsletter to obtain very early notification on the most up to date searchings for.

The Search For Top Productivity Software Has Ended

Productivity Software For Creative Agencies Review

Modifications in the labor force have been expanding over the last decade and this is evident in the development of project management software. This blog will certainly evaluate the top project management systems readily available today as well as assistance to select the best for advertising and creative industries.

Project Management software is necessary for enhancing a digital workforce. These SaaS type systems considerably of the job that made use of to be done by human beings. They take all the hunch work out of just what should be performed in an advertising agency. As a result the systems pay for them selves swiftly as a result of cost savings in time as well as in lessening mistakes.http://functionpoint.com

To start with this sort of ad agency software manages the creative agency workflow from client acquisition, estimations, invoicing and also follow-uping. Usually this is simple to use as well as includes a whole collection of productivity devices. This will make the creative agency workflow a lot more effective as well as a lot more efficient.

The leading firms in this field are Attask, Workamajig and Function Point. Every one has functions that are comparable but a little different from the various other. They all concentrate on the creative and advertising industries and have inside knowledge as to just how this specific niche operates. This kind of productivity software works well in numerous sectors.

Rates is based upon a per person basis with price cuts coming for those firms that make use of more which reduces the expense each rates. These 3 firms provide rates from fifteen bucks per month each completely up to fifty bucks each month. Two of them that offer free trials but Function Point does not they have a sixty day cash back ensure.

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Assistance is very good from all three and also response time from the tests were really fast. They all tie into accountancy software application such as Quickbooks to reduce assimilation and effectiveness. Every one of these choices are excellent but the one that has the most good testimonials is Function Point from Vancouver, BC. They have actually been around for seventeen years as well as are considered as the leader in the area. After using the 3 for the objectives of this assessment this author would have to agree that Function Point was the easiest to use and had the very best monthly pricing.

If you are searching for the best project management software for the creative and advertising agencies top place visits Function Point, 2nd to Attask and third to Workamajig.

Bakery Business In Vancouver Makes Investment Sense

The financial investment blog makes the effort to review the possibilities of making it in the pastry shop business. In the gorgeous city of Vancouver it appears there is a fight taking place advantageous bakery in the downtown and surrounding locations. There are a few contenders for this title and only one will come out as the winner. Five aspects will figure out the victor for best bakery in a city that has a host of businesses defending the title.

1. Preference of the Finished Product – This is the important element as without it exactly what would certainly be the factor of having a pastry shop that markets horrible baked goods in the competitors for best bakery in Vancouver. An excellent bakery item will certainly have taste that continues to take place long after the bite has actually been taken.vancouver's best bakery

2. High quality of the Ingredients – A terrific pastry shop will invest on the appropriate components not go light because of the cost. Great active ingredients are not affordable so the last costs will be mirrored in the asking price. Max’s Bakery on Oak Street has been known for several years as the best based upon the sourcing of the top substances.

3. Location and Ambience – Vancouver is a city based on the sea with a mountain background. Therefore several of the bakeries already have much more opting for them as compared to cities further inland. One bakery in the eastern end of the city is referred to as East Village Bakery and has a great look at of the north shore mountains.

4. Credibility of the Establishment – When a company has actually been around for many years and they excel they tend to create very a following. Attempting to get their cooked items can be challenging as they have a minimal supply of end product. The Lemonade Bakery also on Oak Street has actually been known to have align that end suddenly when all the products are gone.

5. Popularity – This would certainly be the supreme choice producer when buying a bakery to purchase as an investment. Align around the block, write-ups blogged about the shop and the social networking sites ablaze with favorable testimonials would certainly all be clues as the succeeding bakery. This public recognition adds up over the years and amounts to a quite lucrative company. The Swiss Bakery on East 3rd Avenue certainly matches the expense right here and is well known as one of the very best in the business.

When you add up all the 5 points and award a winner for best bakery in the city of Vancouver it comes to be clear to the tasters associated with the research for this article that it is. A drum roll kindly – the champion visits East Village Bakery for the outstanding taste, wonderful place, great ingredients, credibility of the owners and finally popularity.

If you are in Vancouver looking for a business to consider or simply an area to have a fantastic coffee and a cake this establishment absolutely is our option as the top bakery in Vancouver.

Vancouver Tree Service Companies Reviewed

Tree cutting helps in the Vancouver, BC region is a large company. One just needs to check out the district of British Columbia to view the countless eco-friendly woodlands of plants that appear to take place permanently. It is a very gorgeous component of Canada as it has legendary landscapes and some of the very best climate in Canada. The people of the south western part of this district enjoy stunning views of the forest, mountains and sea done in one look.

The quantity of plants in the Vancouver location is genuinely shocking. Only one hundred years ago this area was buried by large aged development plants. The majority of those are now gone and it is generally 2nd or 3rd growth plants remaining. The homes in Coquitlam, Burnaby, North Vancouver and West Vancouver rest versus the sides of the hills and have an also denser growth of plants.Affordable Tree Services Vancouver

Therefore companies that operate in the tree industry are extremely active. The trees remain to grow and consequently need to be cut down or taken away completely. One company specifically attracts attention above the remainder and they are called Affordable Tree Services and are based out of the Vancouver location. This Vancouver Arborist is renowned in the location forever help and quite economical pricing. While investigating this blog their Google assessments were checked and they looked great. The firm has an outstanding Google + page and can effortlessly be learnt on the very first page of Google.

The listing of helps they provide are outstanding – from plant reducing to removal to stump grinding this Vancouver based company has it all covered. The owner of the business has been doing this sort of work for a variety of years and appears to recognize everything that there is to know about trees. When it comes to cutting them it is good to have a feeling about exactly how they will certainly fall as a wrong action might have dreadful repercussions. That is the primary reason why employing a firm that has the appropriate insurance coverage is the secret when it involves choosing a Vancouver based plant reducing solution.

The people that work in the market are a various type. They enjoy the scent of fresh plants and working outside in the fresh air on a daily basis. They seem detached to the hazards of the task and enjoy to be of solution in keeping the city of Vancouver as lovely as it is for several years to come.

Profile Of An Organic Food Wholesaler

The marketplace for natural meals seems to improve every day. Additional individuals are seeking higher quality and healthier foods to feed their family members. For this reason it is a lot more typical to view organic tags on food products in the supermarket.

Organic meals are a lot more costly and permanently factor. The increasing procedure is more difficult as natural farmers are not permitted to use chemicals or other chemicals to kill insects or fight condition. As a result the returns are smaller than typical fruit and vegetables. The result in the greater price.

The form of the organic vegetables and fruit products is impacted as well. They look more all-natural with strange forms and constant shades. A tomato will be red and round. A non natural tomato can be much bigger and ideal in sizes and shape.

North of 49 Naturals in Vancouver, BC is a leader in organic fruits and veggie products. They have the capability to change the texture of the vegetables and fruits. The most typical procedure is to make powders out of natural vegetables and fruits. The most well-liked items are the organic kale powder, natural strawberry powder, chard powder, carrot powder amongst numerous others.

The proprietor of the firm is Andrew Small and he has comprehensive experience in the market and is called a specialist in the area. The online for North of 49 Naturals is in North Vancouver near to the sea at the base of attractive mountains. The atmosphere looks and is a really healthy one and is excellent for making retail organic vegetable items.

The usages for the natural fruit powders are countless. Popular utilizes of the raspberry powder is in trembles for people aiming to reduce weight. One tsp of berry powder is the matching of half a mug of fresh fruit. Include in the shake some milk, a banana and some yogurt. The end result is a healthy and balanced shake that allows folks to reduce weight.

organic raspberry powder

organic raspberry powder

The vegetable powders could be used in cooking. Adding to a soup base permits all the advantages of carrot powder to enter the dish. For little ones that do not like to eat veggies adding organic vegetable powders to cooking items can make both parents and children happy. The more healthy food that a child eats the much more they will crave permanently foods. Consuming the wrong meals is a large trouble in our culture.

North of 49 Naturals does a big wholesale company to other meals manufacturers. The vegetables and fruit powders are an all-natural and healthy filler for morning meal cereals and protien powders. There are couple of recipies that would certainly not be enhanced by the addition of these excellent product. To learn more on this leading edge business click on this link.

How Much Should a Consultant Charge

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Questions and Answers

I live in North Carolina. I am just starting out as an independent training consultant. How much shall I charg?

Posted by corkie

Initially, nothing. Eventually – as much as the market will bear.

When you start you may want to do a job or two pro bono to build up a reputation. It may be an idea to do that work for a charity so you don't come across as too cheap.

Once established you balance your charges against the level of demand for your services – keep raising your prices till the demand matches the time you wish to devote to the job.

There is no comparison sheet you can just pick a figure from.

How much does a Technology Consultant charge?

I have my MIS degree and am thinking of becoming an independent Technology Consultant consultant installing, software, pcs, thin clients, and midrange servers. I also want to train users on Microsoft Office products. I also plan to do maintenance, upgrades, and consultation. The problem is that I don't know what I should be charging for these services.

Posted by Don J

There are too many factors involved to make this determination. Things such as your local economy can affect who can afford what. Your target audience can also affect. Corporations can afford more than an individual, etc. There is just so much to take into consideration.

Your best bet is to make a business plan. Total up what it would cost you in terms of your time and expenses and then take it from there.

Our IT consulting business charges $175 /hour, but thats because our target can afford it and we are well worth it ;)

How much should a building consultant charge?

With 30+ years experience of the building trade and an unblemished track record as a project manager. I'm looking to go into consultancy preferably charging a rate per project possibly by day. High flexibility with what a client would require and willing to travel if expenses were paid. Could anyone give me some estimate or advice as I'm concerned I'll charge too little or too much!
Thank you
Hi problem is consultants are notoriously guarded about their fees, especially those who charge high rates. I do believe I have valuable expertise, I'm just tired of working for other people.

Posted by Rosie

With 30+ years of experience you should have some contacts that can give you some ideas. If not then you have to decide what your time and expertise is worth. Look what other professionals like lawyers, doctors, mechanics, or plumbers make. I think that you could easily charge $150 per hour on up. Put in some bids at a high rate. See if they bite. If they do then you might be charging to little. You can also call the people taking the bids to see what they expect. Good Luck.

Why do clients hire you?

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Hourly Rate for Human Resources Consultant

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Questions and Answers

What is the law about Salary Vs. Hourly Pay in Colorado?

I'm wondering what the law says about this situation: about 3 months ago I was changed from an hourly wage to a salaried wage. However, when a salaried employee in my office takes a day off (or more) the executives convert their salary to an hourly wage and deduct it. I understand that some of the salaried workers don't work 40 hours a week, but some (like myself) work well over 40. We have been told not to fill out time sheets so we don't nickel and dime how many hours. It kind of feels like I am salaried when they don't want to pay overtime but hourly when I take time off. The bosses are pretty reasonable so when I take a friday here or there it is no problem. I'd like to know what Colorado law says regarding this. I've been on vacation for 5 business days but have my laptop and have been answering emails and corresponding with customers for a couple of hours each day. When I get back I'm sure I'll be putting in 50+ hour weeks to catch up. Shouldn't I get paid this week??

Posted by chris

I recently hired on to a new company and could use some advice. On my second interview with my new company, I was offered a salary on a yearly basis. I accepted this offer and began work. The paperwork I signed accepting this offer also had the same figure termed as "annual."

After one month of working, the company was purchased by a leading retailer. They announced this to all the employees and said that we would be a wholesale division of the retailer. When I received my "Welcome to the team!" letter from this retailer, I was addressed as an hourly employee. This was surprising, to say the least. I thought I accepted a salaried position and now I'm being classified as hourly. After all, I was offered compensation termed as "annual," I don't "punch" in or out (or any other time sheet for that matter), and I came from a salaried position at my former employer. Therefore, I was sure that there must be a mistake, so I directly went to the individual who made me the offer not six weeks earlier. I explained my concern to him and he told me he would get back to me.

After a week I asked him about it again and he told me that there is a federal law that says only certain positions are eligible for salaried compensation and I do not meet those requirements – specifically, the number of employees I directly supervise. Is there really a federal law concerning this situation?

A. Your company is right; there is federal law called the Fair Labor Standards Act that does require that certain jobs are either exempt or not exempt from the law. There are several tests that determine a job's exemption from the law. More information can be found at the Department of Labor's website. Without knowing the specifics of your job description, I have to say that it is possible that your job is not exempt and does requires your company to classify your job as nonexempt.

I know you may perceive this new classification as a bad thing however; I would encourage you to look at some of the positive aspects of this change. For instance, if you work more than 40 hours a week you will receive time and a half. If you have to come in on a weekend or holiday after you have worked for 40 hours, you may receive double time and a half.

Having said all that, I would ask your Human Resources Department to explain to you why your job has been recently classified as a nonexempt job. Even if you disagree with the decision you ought to be able to understand the rationale behind their decision. It's also important to keep in mind that regardless of whether you're job is exempt or not exempt from the federal law it is very important the company pay you a competitive rate. So, whether or not the company decides to change your status, make sure they pay you a competitive rate for the position.

Good luck.

- Erisa Ojimba, Certified Compensation Consultant.

I need help with this case study?

Salary inequities at Acme Manufacturing

Joe Black was trying to figure out what to do about a problem salary situation he had in his plant. Black recently took over as president of Acme Manufacturing. The founder and former president, Bill George, had been president for 35 years. The company was family owned and located in a small eastern Arkansas town. It had approximately 250 employees and was the largest employer in the community. Black was the member of the family that owned Acme, but he had never worked for the company prior to becoming the president. He had an MBA and a law degree, plus five years of management experience with a large manufacturing organization, where he was senior vice president for human resources before making his move to Acme.

A short time after joining Acme, Black started to notice that there was considerable inequity in the pay structure for salaried employees. A discussion with the human resources director led him to believe that salaried employees pay was very much a matter of individual bargaining with the past president. Hourly paid factory employees were not part of this problem because they were unionized and their wages were set by collective bargaining. An examination of the salaried payroll showed that there were 25 employees, ranging in pay from that of the president to that of the receptionist. A closer examination showed that 14 of the salaried employees were female. Three of these were front-line factory supervisors and one was the human resources director. The other 10 were non management.

This examination also showed that the human resources director appeared to be underpaid, and that the three female supervisors were paid somewhat less than any of the male supervisors. However, there were no similar supervisory jobs in which there were both male and female job incumbents. When asked, the Hr director said she thought the female supervisors may have been paid at a lower rate mainly because they were women, and perhaps George, the former president, did not think that women needed as much money because they had working husbands. However, she added she personally thought that they were paid less because they supervised less-skilled employees than did the male supervisors. Black was not sure that this was true.

The company from which Black had moved had a good job evaluation system. Although he was thoroughly familiar with and capable in this compensation tool, Black did not have time to make a job evaluation study at Acme. Therefore, he decided to hire a compensation consultant from a nearby university to help him. Together, they decided that all 25 salaried jobs should be in the same job evaluation cluster, that a modified ranking method of job evaluation should be used, and that the job descriptions recently completed by the HR director were current, accurate, and usable in the study.

The job evaluation showed that the HR director and the three female supervisors were being underpaid relative to comparable male salaried employees.

Black was not sure what to do. He knew that if the underpaid female supervisors took the case to the local EEOC office, the company could be found guilty of sex discrimination and then have to pay considerable back wages. He was afraid that if he gave these women an immediate salary increase large enough to bring them up to where they should be, the male supervisors would be upset and the female supervisors might comprehend the total situation and want back pay. The HR director told Black that the female supervisors had never complained about pay differences.

The HR director agreed to take a sizable salary increase with no back pay, so this part of the problem was solved. Black believed he had for choices relative to the female supervisors:

1. To do nothing.
2. To gradually increase the female supervisors salaries.
3. To increase their salaries immediately.
4. To call the three supervisors into his office, discuss the situation with them, and jointly decide what to do.

Questions to be answered:

1. What would you do if you were Black?
2. How do you think the company got into a situation like this in the first place?
3. Why would you suggest Black pursue the alternative you suggested?

Posted by Mmmrawr

If Black is only concerned about his own career and intends moving somewhere else shortly then he does 1 and hopes nothing happens till it ceases to be his problem. This is the normal management tactic.

I personally think he should do 2. He should explain to the women that the company wishes to regrade the jobs and change them slightly. HE needs to tell them that there it would be good for neither party for them to sue as the company would then make the case they did not do exactly the same job, the whole issue would drag on and in the meantime they would be paying legal costs and getting nothing. He needs to speak to them rationally and explain that his situation arose because there was not a robust enough job grading system but that whilst it might wish to the company has to consider what is finanically possible or noone will have a job. If the supervisors can't be reasonable are they really people he wants to employ? Similarly he needs to tell the men we are in the 21st century and they need to expect to have equal pay with women.

3 is finanically unaffordable and would create an immediate backlash from the male supervisors so given the women haven't yet complained they may well see that the company is good to work for as it is prepared to do sometihng without being asked or threatened.

4 I think is a bad idea as that meeting could well get out of hand if he just tells people they aren't being properly paid and what would they like to do. Without a definite course of action in mind they could well get increasingly angry and unreasonable. Wouldn't end well.

1. Doing nothng isn't attractive in teh long term. Sooner or later particulalry as it will be known the study was done something will come out and if the company hasn't moved then they have an explosive situation on their hands probably being sued adn with some very demotivated supervisors on their hands.

The company got into the situation because the exec was sexist. This is quite typical and quite common – without realistic procedures this is waht happens and its why women tend to be underpaid.

I also think that Black should go homem and pour himself a large drink and console himself for the terrible hassle he faces by telling himself he is extremely non-sexist and reasonable.

Martial Arts Business: The Cost of Expert Help, Today ($1 …

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Business Consulting Fee Schedule

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Questions and Answers

NEED TAX HELP! About Schedule C, business expenses…?

Hi! Ok, I am confused. Please help me with what expenses go in what catagories on the schedule C. Specifically, below:





5. "Contract Labor" WOULD THIS BE WAGES I PAY MY INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS, OR PEOPLE THAT I WOULD PAY TO DO SHORT TIME JOBS? (I only pay them as well on an independent contractor basis)

It is important to know that I do not have any employees, just me, except my once inawhile independent contractors, which does fall under the legal definition of which.

Also, what is the diff between cash & accural method? THANK YOU!!!!

Posted by ImaDork2

1. Rental, decorating, cleaning and maintenance not provided by the landlord.

2. Supplies consumed to run the business. Certainly paper, pencils, notebooks, and such.

3. I can't remember if this is where you take depreciation or if that's on another line. The things you listed would not be depreciated unless the fax or stereo was very fancy. If you work alone the stereo would be a personal item, unless you use it for demos or something.

4/5. You are paying contract labor, not wages, as long as the IRS agrees these are contractors and not employees. There are many tests and it's a subjective call.

Cash method is the normal way family accounting and individual income taxes are done. An expense occurs when you pay the bill. Income comes in when you receive payment, be it wages, consulting fees, merchandise sales, etc. Accrual method is the more sophisticated way of looking at income and expense, where you try to assign income and expenses when they happen, not when money changes hands. So a sale happens when you write an invoice; an expense happens when you get an invoice, not when you make payment. If you're a sole proprietor with no inventory, there's normally no advantage in the accrual system.

Franchise fee for tax purposes?

If a franchisor is refusing to refund the fee that was bought, what are my options for recovery as far as taxes are concerned?

Posted by Elizabeth

If I understand your question, you paid franchise fee, never actually started this business, and your franchisor will not refund you your fee. You're asking if you can have at least some tax write-off for this fee that you paid but did not use.

If so, then you do have some options, but comparing them is outside of what we can do in a short online answer. I will offer you one possible option, but I would still recommend you consult a professional tax planner.

That one option will be to treat the fee as an intangible business asset that you acquired when you paid the fee and that you abandoned (same as sold at zero) when you lost your hope to recover it from your franchisor. By the way, you will need some proof that his decision to not refund your fee is final, and you have no recourse left. The tax treatment in this case will be sale of business asset, reportable on form 4797, from where it flows to Schedule D. Even though I included links to the form, please use tax software or, better yet, an accountant. The form is trickier than it seems.

Michael Plaks, EA, Houston TX

Legal disclaimer: You cannot use this answer to avoid IRS penalties or to promote any transaction.

GSA schedule preparation fees?

I am trying to get my company onto the GSA schedule. I have been spending some time shopping around with different consulting firms. I have found that all firms charge either, in the $6000 range or in the $18,000 range. Whats up with the price difference?

Posted by Ben

The general difference between quotes is/should be the amount of knowledge and scope of service one firm is offering over the other. There are some companies that look at the GSA Schedule as a fill-in-the-blank exercise and take the path of least resistance in hopes of getting your Schedule approved just to send you a bill. While I can’t speak for all companies, the ones that are generally priced higher, provide a consultative service that not only focuses on ensuring your terms and prices are favorable to your business, but also provides your company with the tools and knowhow to win government business. Just having a GSA Schedule in place isn’t going to win you business (there are some exceptions). The government has a different set of priorities and does not respond to ROI in the same manner as the commercial sector. Working with a company that understands the government’s needs will save you time, money and frustration in the long run. It did for me.

I'm just outside San Francisco and sell solar panels under my GSA contract. Based upon a recommendation from within my company, I chose to work with Winvale. They're in Washington DC and helped me out greatly. Good luck!!

Become an expert – Greatest since sliced bread

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